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Double Back Documentaries Oy LTD is a film production company specialized in documentary on a wide range. The creative team of ours has produced documentaries and short fiction all the way from script to the ready-made film since 2008.

In addition to our original productions we do some customized works for theatres, broadcasting and film production companies.



Lauri, 20, an autist unable to speak, fears he will remain bound to the mere yearning of infinite love to the end of his days.


Documentary film

Director: Niina Brandt
Screenwriters: Niina Brandt ja Saara Helene Murto
Producer: Niina Brandt ja Saara Helene Murto
Director of Photography: Niina Brandt ja Jari Linjala
Sound Designer: Pinja Mustajoki
Editor: Tuula Mehtonen
Composer: Splendid Laine

Duration: 56 min

In co-operation with Yle, with support of Finnish Film Foundation, AVEK, Church Media Foundation

World Premiere in DOK Leipzig, Next Masters Competition
Finnish premiere DocPoint Helsinki – Best national documentary film 2017 audience award


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TOMATO (2016)

A long-term unemployed actress Kati gets a commercial gig for a role as a tomato. The job turns out to be something else than Kati had anticipated, but Kati swallows her pride and decides to take the job seriously – with unexpected consequences.


Short film
Director: Hanna Maylett
Screenwriter: Daniela Hakulinen
Original idea: Niina Panda Vuorisara
Producer: Saara Helene Murto
Cast: Emilia Sinisalo, Matti Onnismaa
Director of Photography: Sari Aaltonen
Sound Designer: Kyösti Väntänen
Set Designer: Gabrielle Vaara
Costume Designer: Emmi Leeve
Makeup Artist: Kata Launonen
Editor: Antti Tuomikoski
Music: Kasperi Pitkänen

Duration: 8 min

In co-operation with Yle, with support of Finnish Film Foundation, AVEK

TV premiere in YLE Teema 21.12.2016 21:04


A tired housewife loses her car in a shopping mall and her world collapses. Thank God there is ice cream. A trolley collector offers her help. Sometimes problems can open a door to a whole new world.


Short film

Director: Hanna Maylett
Screenwriters: Hanna Maylett & Daniela Hakulinen
Producer: Saara Helene Murto
Cast: Pirjo Määttä, Diana Tenkorang, Matti Onnismaa, Mariaana Kuusniemi, Heikki Pitkänen
Director of Photography: Sari Aaltonen
Sound Designer: Päivi Takala
Costume Designer: Riikka Leena Metsäpeura
Makeup Artist: Kata Launonen
Editor: Antti Tuomikoski
Music: Shadow

Duration: 6 min

Awards: Honourable Mention, Washington International Film Festival 2015 (USA)
Bengaluru International Short Film Festival 2015: Runner International Competition


Sound of Silence is a pole art music video, that tells a story of the difficulty and happiness of finding a soulmate. Sound of Silence takes the art of pole dancing into a new in environment, to the mythical wilderness by the water.


Music video

Directors and Screenwriters: Saara Helene Murto ja Annika Rajala
Cast: Annika Rajala Pole Art Ensemble Vertiga: Jaana Joensuu,
Hanna Knihtilä, Hanna Kunnas, Anne Laakkonen
Director of Photography: Annika Rajala & Aleksi Humalainen
Choreographer: Anne Laakonen
Set Designer: Nella Taarasti
Costume Designer: Iina Volotinen
Editor: Annika Rajala
Music: Detunes “Sound of Silence”

Duration: 6 min

Awards: Best Music Video – Jury Award, Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival 2014 (Delhi, India)
Best Music Video – Indie Shorts Fest-14 (India)


A poetic short documentary film of the dreams and wishes of four cerebral palsied adults.


Short Documentary Film

Director and producer: Saara Helene Murto
Cinematographer: Sebastian Bredenberg
Sound Designer: Pinja Mäki
Editor: Niina Brandt
Music: Tommi Mäki

Duration: 14 min


A musical documentary of a summer filled with culture at Villa Aino Ackté in 2010. The villa of the opera singer Aino Ackté was born anew in the care of artist Suvi Olavinen. During the summer the villa hosted hundreds of artists and members of audience to enjoy its homely atmosphere. In the spring of 2011 the fate of the historically significant villa was left hanging on a thread yet again.


Musical Documentary

Director and Editing: Niina Brandt & Saara Helene Murto
Producer: Saara Helene Murto
Cinematographer: Niina Brandt
Sound Designer: Pinja Mäki

Duration: 42min


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